Element Finder package for Atom

Its been four years since I created Element Finder, the command line app and Sublime Text 2 package for searching through HTML files for elements that match a CSS selector. I recently switched to using Atom as my primary code editor, so I thought it was time I released an Atom package for Element Finder too.

So here it is!

Atom is a great code editor that’s built on the Electron framework. Electron is a fusion of Chromium and Node.JS, which is a perfect platform to build apps on. Chromium lets us build the interface with standard web technologies, and Node.JS gives us access to the filesystem and a vast array of modules on npm, one of which is Element Finder. It was much easier and more rewarding to build a package for Atom than it was for Sublime Text, though of course my background is front-end web not Python. If you haven’t used Atom I would highly recommend it. And I would also recommend hacking it and building your own package, its good fun!

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