Grunticon updated to address IE8 data URI length limit

I submitted a pull request for grunticon earlier this week and it was merged into the master branch today! The update addresses a limitation in IE8 where images embedded as data URIs are restricted to about 32KB. In these cases grunticon will now load these large images as external image files to ensure that they are still displayed.

What is grunticon?

grunticon is a tool by the talented folks at Filament Group which makes it easy to manage SVG images in your website. Basically, it reduces the number of HTTP requests to load the images to improve performance, and it automatically generates fallback PNG images for older browsers that don’t support SVG. The description from the readme follows:

grunticon is a Grunt.js task that makes it easy to manage icons and background images for all devices, preferring HD (retina) SVG icons but also provides fallback support for standard definition browsers, and old browsers alike. From a CSS perspective, it’s easy to use, as it generates a class referencing each icon, and doesn’t use CSS sprites.

grunticon takes a folder of SVG files (typically, icons that you’ve drawn in an application like Adobe Illustrator), and outputs them to CSS in 3 formats: svg data urls, png data urls, and a third fallback CSS file with references to regular png images, which are also automatically generated and placed in a folder.

grunticon also generates a small bit of JavaScript and CSS to drop into your site, which asynchronously loads the appropriate icon CSS depending on a browser’s capabilities, and a preview HTML file with that loader script in place.

What was the problem?

I came across an issue where some images I had processed with grunticon were not displaying in IE8. There was just a blank space where the images were supposed to show up. IE8 doesn’t support SVG so grunticon serves it images as PNG data URIs embedded in a stylesheet. However there is a limitation in IE8 which means that it does not support data URIs longer than 32,768 characters. Some of my images, whilst small as SVGs, were larger than 32KB when saved as PNG data URIs, and therefore they were not displaying. For an example, visit in IE8, and you will only see one image.

What was the solution?

Now when grunticon generates the stylesheet with embedded PNG data URIs, it measures the size of each image, and if it is greater than 32,768 characters, it removes the data URI and uses a link to the external PNG image file instead. This results in an extra HTTP request to load the image but it ensures that the user will see it!

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